Fonkoze: Rebuilding Haiti

In the wake of the earthquake in Haiti, Fonkoze and the MasterCard Foundation teamed up to provide microfinancing / small business loans and support to Haitian Women to rebuild their country. I collaborated with Ib5K and the agency Weber Shandwick to lead a small team of animators and photographers to produce this video to bring awareness to the efforts and success of these organizations. Playback environment called for a visuals only approach, no VO, only text. The organizations supplied a vast library of on-location photos for us to roto and paint, and Vox Lux of Oakland did a fantastic job of creating and shooting some of the paper-based practicals and textures.

Client: MasterCard Foundation
Agency: Weber Shandwick
Production Company: IB5K
Producers: Amil Hussein, Dan Beckman
Director: Steve Ogden
Designer/Animators: Steve Ogden, Kathryn Nestor, Kevin Watson-Graff, Susan Brennan
On location photography: Photo credits: Lou Angeli Digital, United Nations Development Programme, Aash J, Kirsten Johnson and more.
Studio Photography: Jessica Vernette, Vox Lux
Music: DJ Eurok, Horizon