Charles Schwab: Help

I worked with Mekanism’s SF Office to produce this commercial for Charles Schwab. “Help” was part of a series of spots that we developed this unique particle effect for. My take on the goal of this effect was to highlight the voice of the investor by abstracting the picture and providing a transition which both unified the soundbytes and brought their colorful branding motif to life.

While the muscle of the eventual effect was brought by the Maya artists, my contribution was in two areas; in look development, where we arduously finessed image detail vs. particle recognition, timing and motion issues, etc. and second in animation of the particle flows and supers which delivered the messaging as well as the intro and outro sequences.

Studio: Mekanism. Agency: Euro RSCG. Directed by Ian Kovalik. Produced by Tim Rayel, Matt Lundberg, Lindsay Fa. Look development by Emmett Feldman, Steve Ogden, Tom Westerlin and others. Animation by Steve Deluca, Luba Drozd, Anthony Enos, Steve Ogden and many more.