Checkpoint: We Secure The Future

Check Point, a well-established internet security provider, engaged Duarte to help visualize an “anthem” video to kick off a forward-thinking rebrand. Based on the theme of their campaign, we proposed this ethereal, emotional journey that opens with intense allegories of risk and vulnerability. It concludes in an immaculate, safe and secure space that embodies the value of their solutions – that security gives the enterprise the freedom to focus, innovate, and thrive. The majority of footage was custom shot to our storyboards. The actors were shot on green screen and composited into a custom 3D environment.
Agency: Duarte. Director: Steve Ogden. Writer: Mouncey Ferguson. Co-directors and Cinematographers: Burke Heffner, Bill Groshelle. Executive Producers: Jasper Hiatt, David Collier, Jessica Savage. Account Director: Sonya Wodopianov