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Hi, I’m Steve Ogden. I direct, design, and animate compelling visual stories (…and yeah, sometimes just eye-candy too) for advertising, entertainment, and corporate communications.  I’ve directed, designed and animated videos for all kinds of interesting people and organizations, from indie filmmakers to international ad agencies, pop-stars to presidents, but mostly for the Bay Area’s many talented ad agencies and video production companies. I served as Multimedia Director at Duarte from 2012 to 2015, telling all kinds of interesting visual stories there too, for big tech brands, organizations and thought-leaders.

I’m back to freelance now, but I’m always interested in the right opportunity with the right folks.

I have a BFA in Graphic Design from California College of Arts, and 15 years in the field. I’m passionate about visual communication, design strategy and problem solving. My focus is on art direction and/or senior design roles, though I’ll probably always stay hands-on with the tools and tech as well – learning and teaching along the way. After Effects, E3D, and a little C4D are typically the primary tool-set I use to combine art, imagery and typography into attention grabbing, emotionally engaging and/or informative works – but stylistic versatility and a broad array of my own techniques and tools – as well as a network of skilled specialists is what helps me keep concept-first on every project.

email: steveo {*}
tel: 415.816.3399

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