Duarte Multimedia Reel 2014

Until I finish my updated reel (VERY soon) – here’s the most recent reel completed while serving as Motion Graphics Director for Duarte’s Multimedia Department. As with any demo reel, there are too many credits to list – click the title for more info or see additional roles and credits on some of the included work below.

Checkpoint: We Secure The Future

Check Point, an established internet security provider, engaged Duarte to help visualize a bold new rebrand, rich with dream-like imagery. My contribution was in the concept and direction of this ethereal, emotional journey. It opens with intense allegories of risk and vulnerability and concludes in an immaculate, safe and secure space that embodies the value of their solutions – the freedom to focus, innovate, and thrive. Click the title for more info and credits.

Charles Schwab: Help

“Help” was part of a series of Charles Schwab spots that we developed this unique particle effect for while at Mekanism. My job was look development and supervising consistency among the many talented animators that worked on it. Also did some of the 2D motion design and animation. Mekanism project. Click the title for credit details.

Fonkoze: Rebuilding Haiti

A two minute piece I directed, designed, and co-animated to bring awareness to Fonkoze’s efforts in rebuilding Haiti. The use-case involved a semi captive audience but required it work independent of the audio, so we chose a moderately paced, text driven narrative delivery. Click the title for more details.