Fonkoze: Rebuilding Haiti

A two minute piece I directed, designed, and co-animated to bring awareness to Fonkoze’s efforts in rebuilding Haiti. The use-case involved a semi captive audience but required it work independent of the audio, so we chose a moderately paced, text driven narrative delivery. Click the title for more details.

Ritz Pitch

A quick, fun pitch project for Nabisco while at Mekanism. Visually, I designed it pretty closely to their supplied brand guide and just added a fun motion narrative and animated in After Effects. Click title for more details

Charles Schwab: Anthem

“Help” was part of a series of Charles Schwab spots that we developed this unique particle effect for while at Mekanism. My job was look development and supervising consistency among the many talented animators that worked on it. Also did some of the 2D motion design and animation. Mekanism project. Click the title for credit details.

Obama Motion Graphics Montage

A montage of work I directed (and animated a lot as well) at the Obama campaign HQ in Chicago 2008. Most of the clips are from “rapid response” videos done in 48 hours or less, so a little crude. We did hundreds of these videos, gaining millions of views and revolutionizing how campaigns connect to voters.

Eminem – Mosh

A video for Eminem’s controversial hit, Mosh – back in the day – at GNN. I designed Em’s psycho room, the Bin Laden sequence, Jumbotrons, and did a bunch of compositing, 2D animation and editing. Nominated for MTV’s Breakthrough Music Video Of The Year.